LaSalle 2010 Election Candidates Websites

Residents of LaSalle, Ontario looking for online information about the candidates running in the upcoming October 25, 2010 municipal election may have a hard time finding information on the web. I myself could only find a few candidate’s websites by using a search engine to hunt for them. So, to make things easier for my fellow neighbours, I emailed the candidates asking them to send me their websites if they have them. Here’s what I have collected so far (election winners have been bolded):

Official Candidates List:


* Ken Antaya
* Gary Baxter

Deputy Mayor

* Mark Carrick
* Bob Lewis

Councilor (select up to 5)

* Marc Bondy
* Charles Burke
* Terry Burns
* Sue Desjarlais
* Francis X. J. Ducharme –
* Wayne Fortin –
* Ken Killen –
* Dylan Lanspeary –
* Crystal Meloche
* Ray Renaud
* Greg Rumpel –
* Eugene Santini – Facebook page.
* Gary Schatz –
* Kosta Vasiliadis

Other Online Election Information

It’s a shame that more candidates do not have an online presence. I know that many people, and the younger they are the more true this is, look online as their first resource of information. I am also hoping that more politicians will see the web as a means of getting truly in touch with the people. I’d like to see elected representatives keep blogs where they explain why they voted the way they did for bill XYZ etc. Wouldn’t that be nice?

If you know the website of a candidate that I’m missing, please send it to me. If you are a candidate and would like a website – give me a shout, I happen to create websites for a living. :)

Update Feb, 2011: Sadly, almost none of the candidates with websites won the election, and those with websites have not continued to post to them after the election. Why do politicians fail to see the value of their websites as a means to keep the public informed of their position on issues and what they are currently working on? After an election I always feel very disconnected from politicians – who incidentally had promised to represent ‘the people’.