Free For Any Use: Icon Sets – Updated

I’ve been working on searching out sources of free for any use, royalty free (personal or commercial) icon sets that are of high quality and professional looking. I use these in my web-development projects. I’ve had such a hard time finding sets that are free for commercial use. But, after several weeks of searching I’ve found some great sets and I figured that some other people out there might also get some use out of them.

So, here’s what I found, I’ve been pretty impressed with them so far.


Dry Icons – Dry Icons is my latest find, and has a bunch of stunning icons and even more graphics/banners that are just beautiful. They are all free for personal or commercial use, as long as you credit them in your project/link to them.

Icon Buffet – If you create a free account on this website you can trade sets with a wide range of themes- pirates, ninja’s, animals, and some of a more generic nature like shapes and arrows and such. If you’re interested, please use this link so I can get points for referring you! Careful- it’s addictive!

Icon King– These are some of the most beautiful sets I’ve seen- I was shocked that they are free under the LGPL licence. The Nuvola, Plastique and IconKing sets are I think the only ones there. Nuvola is the nicest one- I’ve used it extensively. – This site has a set called Silk Icons which has hundreds of generic use icons, and a set of world country flags. The icons are pretty small which is the only down side. They are really nice looking though.

Misc Icon Sets – This site provides previews and links to several other sites which offer free sets.

Note: Some sets require a license file to be distributed with the icons, others request a link back to their site if you use the icons.

I hope others find this useful! If anyone knows of any other sites with free for commercial use icons, please let me know!