Google Classroom/Meet Online School Tech Tips

The following is a collection of technical tips and how-tos for parents with children who are doing Online schooling this year, using Google’s suite of tools such as Google Classroom, Google Meet, etc. My children are in a French school, so I have some language switching tips as well.

How do I un-Submit an assignment?

If you accidentally submit an assignment in Google Classroom, you can reverse this.

Find the assignment in the Classwork tab. Expand it and click the View Assignment link. The unsubmit button is on the right.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to mute-unmute my microphone in Google Meet/Hangouts?

The keyboard shortcut for mute/unmute is Ctrl+d or Cmd+d on a Mac.

During a Google Meet, how do I get the grid of people to focus on the active speaker?

To change the meeting layout so you can see the person talking in a big screen and the students on the side… Click the 3 dots icon in the bottom right, choose Change Layout, then choose the Sidebar layout. This will show the active speaker in a large box and a few classmates along the side.

During a Google Meet, randomly I can’t hear anything, or the camera or microphone stops working.

Google Meet still has some bugs to work out. The best solution here is to refresh the browser window entirely and re-join the meet. Sometimes your camera will work better if you wait in the lobby for the small camera preview to show up, then click the Join button.

Make sure you have given Google Meet permission to use your camera and microphone when your browser popped up a permission request message box. You may need to select the correct microphone or camera if you have multiple. The gear icon in a meeting, can bring you to a settings menu where you can also change camera or microphone device.

How do I change the language of Google and the Classroom website?

In some cases, your child’s Google account might be set up in a language which the parents don’t speak well at home. I have an entire post about this. With step by step instructions. Note that this will translate the Google websites, but not the content posted by the teacher and other users.

How can I translate entire webpages and sections of text?

If you are using the Google Chrome web browser, there is an official extension for that. Go into the Extensions/Add-ons section of your browser and look for the official Google Chrome extension. This should add an icon to your browser which you can click for translation. There are unofficial translation extensions for other browsers. Be cautious about using extensions from un-official sources.

When I open other Google services or links, suddenly I’m not authorized.

If you’re logged in, on your computer, to multiple Google Accounts at once (say, child’s account and a parent’s account) then try to open a new Google service – like Jamboard or Slides, sometimes your browser will open in a new tab with the wrong Google account. Try, logging out of ALL Google accounts, then log into your child’s school Google account, then try opening the link or service you need.