Migrating From Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux #1 (Video Series)

As many people may be aware, Windows XP has reached it’s end of life for Microsoft support. This means that as of April 2014, Microsoft will no longer be publishing updates to fix bugs or security issues. In a few months, machines using Windows XP will be vulnerable to unpatched viruses and other security issues. If you have a computer running Windows XP, what to do?

Your options are to upgrade to a new version of Windows (expensive!) or to try another operating system option such as Linux. For myself I had already been dual-booting my laptop into Ubuntu Linux so it made sense for me to try and make a wholehearted attempt to migrate my workflow entirely to Ubuntu. I decided to chronicle my progress using a video series which I will be uploading to YouTube. Here you can follow my progress as I figure out how to replace my tried and true processes from Windows to Ubuntu.

Windows XP to Ubuntu Video # 1 (Introduction):

Links seen in the video: