A New Perspective

The last five or six months have been challenging, sometimes scary, but ultimately eye-opening and life-changing. I feel better than I have in many years. My BF and I bought eachother rollerblades, and when the weather is nice, I’ve been out getting fresh air and exercise which is a nice change. I have been looking at life with a new perspective. I hope to continue my progress toward living a more healthy lifestyle. I also hope to be house shopping some time this year – exciting!

On the professional side, I’m enjoying my new Business Analyst position at my job – it involves a lot more talking to people and dealing with clients, which I very much enjoy. My own projects continue to be steady and interesting. The big PayPal project launched recently, but sadly is not getting much attention from it’s owner and might not move to phase 2. But, other interesting projects are in the works and keeping me challenged.

I find myself feeling an itch to move on with my life. I have been saving my money my whole life for those ‘big’ purchases – house, car, retirement… and I want to get spending it! The house shopping will hopefully come soon, and maybe a car in the next year or so – though my current 2001 Cavalier is still running great, even at over 100K kms.

This weekend an exciting event is happening. My BF is the Drama teacher at a local Highschool, and they are putting on a bilingual musical production of Into the Woods. They have all been working so hard all year on this- including daily practices till 7 or 8 pm! So, if you’re in the neighbourhood, here’s the information: E. J. Lajeunesse Drama Dept., it’s going to be awesome!

On the entertainment side, I’m reading the last Hyperion book (called The Rise of Endymion), and have been playing co-op Borderlands on Xbox and also playing Half-Life 2 again, this time on Xbox. Anyone looking for an excellent Xbox Arcade game- check out Shadow Complex. Ahh… side scrollers are under-rated. :)