Cool Faux Finish Paint Technique

This cool painting technique was achieved very easily (at least our hired painter made it look easy).

Faux Paint Finish - Plastic Sheeting

Here’s the instructions:

Paint: Behr paint and primer in one (1 can of light brown and one can dark brown or pick your colour combination). 1 can Behr Faux Glaze.

Equipment: Normal paint rollers. Clear plastic sheeting.

Step 1: Paint the lighter colour onto the wall in the normal method with standard rollers. We did two coats of the base coat. Remember, the lighter colour is the base. Let dry over night.

Step 2: Mix equal parts of the top colour (darker colour) and the Faux glaze. Mix well.

Step 3: Swiftly but carefully paint a good, solid layer of the top coat onto the wall covering the base coat completely. You don’t want it to dry.

Step 4: Using a clean sheet of clear plastic, spread it out and hold it up in front of the wall, starting about 1 and a half inches from the top corner of the wall. Stick the plastic sheet to the still wet pain very gently, letting it stick on in a few places along the top. Someone to help you do this is good if the sheet is large.

Step 5: Gently and randomly swipe your hands over the sheet, touching it to the wall in random places. This works best if the plastic sheet is wrinkly. The plastic should now be stuck into the paint in a random and wrinkly manner. It should not be totally, smoothly stuck on.

Step 6: Grasping one top corner, smoothly pull the plastic off of the wall. It will take the paint with it in the spots where it was touching. The Faux Glaze product causes it to come fully off of the base coat in those spots. The wrinkles and folds in the plastic and how you touched it onto the wall, will affect the design.

Step 7: Apply to the rest of the wall in sections as large as your sheet of plastic. Try to apply the same amount of pressure/touches/wrinkles in each section. Work swiftly to avoid drying.

Step 8: Allow to dry fully for 24 hours. Touch up the edges as needed if you did not tape them. Enjoy!

Faux Paint Finish - Plastic Sheeting

For the rest of the room the walls are a cream/beige colour and the ceiling and trim are white (the colours in the photo above are quite washed out.)