Personal Projects Recap

Some people may not realize this, but my first personal web development project was Years ago I thought it was the best thing ever. Despite the long domain name, the horrid orange and black design, and the overwhelming job of keeping it up to date, I loved it. It also allowed me to practice my budding web development skills.

Fast forward several years, and it’s now a dead weight around my ankles. I still go to movies and play video games but I no longer feel the need to write reviews about them. Over time I’ve taken on a large number of professional and personal projects and my neglected child horizon archives was left behind. It’s just not relevant to me anymore. But, the site itself and the hosting it’s on is home to MANY projects I’ve been toying with, useful scripts, programs and pages of links. The domain is also one I use for alot of my email.

So, I’ve decided to leave the domain pointed to the hosting account, but use a new main domain. It will be a home for all my mini-projects and useful stuff, without any pressure to be useful or current for the general public. All the movie reviews, video game reviews and other junk are being removed. It’ll be streamlined into a sandbox for my use.

It’s kind of sad to say goodbye to a site that I’ve had for so long, and that I’ve put so much work into. But the hits on the site never took off (no wonder- reviews are a highly competitive niche on the web). But it’s time to retire it.

I will retain a copy of the horizon archives site files, so if anyone ever decides they’d like to start their own site, I’ll give the files away (minus the copyrighted content like poetry) to anyone who wants them.

Looking to the future, I have registered the domain: Isn’t that a cool domain to snap up? Now I can do all kinds of fun stuff with subdomains.

I recently let go of the domain I’m not sure where I was going with that one, so if anyone wants to snap that up, it has expired already. Man, good domains are getting hard to find these days aren’t they? No matter how many new TDLs get created, the old .com will always be the king. I mean, .biz? Who are they kidding? I seem to be turning into a bit of a domain hoarder though. But I swear I’m using all of them. I think…

Anyway, I just wanted to give an update on my personal projects, and provide some info just in case someone arrives here looking for horizon archives.