Random Thoughts

Well, the pressure to write in my blog has finally caught up to me so here I go again. But what should I talk about?

The outpouring of charity in the wake of the Tsunami disaster is just amazing. But it makes me wonder where all this giving spirit is for all the other tragedies in the world? I can’t believe that governments are still debating on the definition of genocide while people are dying. The media has such an influence on human behaviour don’t you think?

Just before Christmas I decided that my desk-bound profession of programming isn’t giving me enough excercise. Shocking discovery, I know! But being thin doesn’t mean you’re in shape. So I started working out a few days a week. I feel great! Even though I’m starting slow and the cold weather isn’t helping… I’m already noticing a difference: I can see my bicep! I’ve also noticed that my energy has gone up. And I haven’t even gotten serious about cardio workouts yet. Anyway, just wanted to mention that my resolution is going well. The key was not making it a “New Year’s” resolution because those always get broken.

The past few months have not been good for movies. It’s starting to get to me. Argh!

I’ve about had it with all this snow. I’m really not a winter person. It’s torture. Driving in it is the biggest problem, and the lunatic drivers who fly down the highway in the ice just freak me out. 4 wheel drive does not make you invincible!!