The Focus eBook Will Change Your Life

Imagine (…) a single-tasking life. Imagine waking and going for a run, as if running were all you do. Nothing else is on your mind but the run, and you do it to the very best of your abilities. Then you eat, enjoying every flavorful bite of your fresh breakfast of whole, unprocessed foods. You read a novel, as if nothing else in the world existed. You do your work, one task at a time, each task done with full focus and dedication. You spend time with loved ones, as if nothing else existed.

I’m about half way through Focus, by Leo Babauta. It has been published free to anyone who wants to download it or read it online. Even though I’m only half way through the book, I can say that it’s in the process of changing my life. I’ve started putting some of the concepts like simplification, one task at a time, and an uncluttered work space into practice and I’m already reaping the rewards. My multi-tasking, endless todo lists are being replaced with better organization and a cleaner, clearer life. This is awesome.

I had to recommend it, and you can’t beat free.