PHP Quick Temporary CRUD Admin

I recently came across SQL Buddy which is a very clean, simple web mysql database administration tool, similar but simpler than PHPMyAdmin. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

I create a lot of custom web applications and usually the front end comes first, and then later the admin area where the site owner can CRUD their website content. If the user wants something common like a photo gallery I use an existing CMS. However, sometimes they want something totally original or customized. In this case there is often a period of time at the beginning of the application where there is no admin area yet.

Sometimes clients want to try out the website or even launch before the admin area is complete. This usually means I have to go into PHPMyAdmin to manage data or to email data to the client.

To make life easier, I have taken SQL Buddy, and ripped out all the DB administration features, leaving nothing but the ability to view, edit and delete records in the tables. You cannot create or drop tables nor modify the fields in the tables or add keys or any of that.

I combine that with a MySQL user which has only SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE perms and suddenly my hobbled SQL Buddy has become a drop-in temporary admin area that I can give users access to. I can even restrict this further to only allow viewing of data if I restrict the MySQL user perms to SELECT only. No fear of data loss, and I save time by not having to grab, format and email them data on request. I can also use it during my development because it is simpler, and nicer than PHPMyAdmin for basic tasks.

I emailed the SQL Buddy creator about my idea and he/she liked it, but I don’t know if they will release a version like this. But I just thought I’d share the idea in case anyone else is looking for a similar solution.