Sample Budget Work Sheet

Here is a sample worksheet that you can start with. It’s just a guide- you will need to create one that is tailored to your situation.

My Budget – Jan/07

Monthly Income
– Job # 1:
– Job # 2:
– Child Support Income:

Total Monthly Income:
Fixed Monthly Expenses
-Home Insurance:
-Property Taxes:
-Car Payment:
-Car Insurance:
-Day Care:
-Baby Care Items (diapers etc):
-Credit Card Payment:
-Loan Payment:
-Bank Fees:
-Car Expenses (oil changes etc):

Total Monthly Fixed Expenses:
Monthly Flexible Expenses
-Morning Coffee:
-Eating Out:
-Movies and Entertainment:
-Clothes and shopping:
-Gadgets and Toys:
-Snack Foods:
-Alcohol & Tobacco:
-Day trips:

Total Monthly Flexible Expenses:
Total of All Monthly Expenses:
Net Income (Monthly Income – Total Expenses):

Use this outline as a start to creating your own budget. Out of your net income you can start allocating funds for saving and investing, paying extra toward debt or giving to charity.