Cold Weather and Amazon

So, what’s going on lately? I have to wear gloves in the morning now. It’s getting cold. Just great! I can tell winter is coming, and that means driving in the snow… digging out my car in the mornings, all that fun stuff. I hate it.

I ordered books from Amazon for the first time last week. You have to understand that this is a big step since I’m pretty iffy about shopping at a store that I can’t physically go to and knock heads if my order is messed up. But the books I wanted were hard to find and when I found them at Amazon, I had to get over my fears and go for it. Money is a big motivator. The Canadian price at Amazon was LESS than even the US price printed in the book cover! Americans won’t understand this, but as a Canadian, I REALLY hate seeing the US price on things because it is always so low. But I saved so much at Amazon and I got free shipping, I had to go for it.

The big test was whether they would ship to me without a hitch. Oh they did, and arrived 4 days early. I’m sold. I love saving money on the things that I buy a lot of and I buy a lot of books! Well… this blog probably seems like a big advertisement for Amazon, but really, I was impressed and if I can help anyone else save money- it’s a good thing. Now the REAL test will be if they listen to the email I sent them requesting an explicit LOGOUT button on their website. It bothers me that they keep my credit card on file, and if I can’t fully logout with the press of a button, I get kind of paranoid. See! This isn’t all just gushing praise for Amazon!

The American election stuff on TV is pretty interesting. Who will it be? Bush or Kerry? Bush or Kerry? Oooo where’s my popcorn?

Last year my family went to Victoria B.C. for vacation. I wish I was there still. It was beautiful.

I heard that song Run by Snow Patrol on the radio. Wow, that’s a great song. I wonder if the rest of their stuff is good, and if it’s worth it to buy the CD. If you know, send me a quick message.