When is the future not far enough away?

I recently saw the movie I, Robot. The film says it takes place in the year 2035. Really. Are the people who make movies dim, or just outrageously optimistic? I’m sure that in 30 years we’ll have a ton of cool stuff. Voice activated electronics, maybe even some really advanced robots. But come on… cars that drive themselves in massive networks of underground highways? Parking garages that let you drop your car at the door and it’s picked up and hung on giant racks like a coat-check? And oh yeah… in 30 years we’re going to have artificial intelligence so advanced that it borders on having a soul? Right.

Even a non-technical person knows this is a bit far-fetched. Maybe we’ll have all these things someday.. but I think 2135 is more realistic. Probably even 2235. Why don’t movie writers just pick a higher number? Look at what happened to 2001: A Space Odyssey! Now everyone says “look: it’s past 2001 and we don’t have all that stuff!”

Well. I’ve got that off my chest.